Chapter 6 - The Hyles Response II

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August 3,1989

An Open Letter From Dr. Jack Hyles

Unless there is a drastic turn of events, this will be my last correspondence to you concerning the attacks of Vic Nischik and Robert L. Sumner against me, my church, my
Staff, and my college.

I will not answer Dr. Sumner's latest article. In the first place, I cannot afford it. In the second place, I believe it would be an unwise use of time. I cannot conscientiously grant it a high place on my list of priorities. Then, also, my answer would be basically, the same as the first one, because the first one is absolutely true. Lastly, Dr. Sumner's charges and accusations are basically the same, with just a few added distortions and untruths. So, as far as I can see now, this will be the last correspondence you will receive from me concerning this issue.

This will not be lengthy; I just want to make a few observations, as follows:

1. Our church is enjoying the best summer we have ever had. The crowds are the largest we have ever had in the summer. All of us are amazed. It's just been wonderful. The spirit has never been better, nor have we ever had as many conversions and additions to the church during the summer as we have had this year. Our nationwide Youth Conference had over 7,000 delegates (the largest ever) with 2,008 of those delegates surrendering to full-time Christian service. This letter is being dictated on the Thursday afternoon of our Vacation Bible School week. This morning we had 2,396 in attendance (the largest in history).

2. Mr. Sumner's articles have basically been soundingboards for accusations made by Mr. Nischik to Mr. Sumner directly or to Mr. Sumner through someone else.


4. It is interesting that Mr. Nischik has not accused me of immorality. In his deposition he made this statement in answer to the attorney's question.

Attorney: "You never accused Jennie and Reverend Hyles of any improper sexual relationship, just a very close, intimate friendship?"

Mr. Nischik: 'That's correct."

Likewise, on national television, Mr. Nischik stated that he was not accusing me of immorality.

5. Mr. Nischik asked a young lady to run off with him. When denying this on national television, he made an amazing statement, as follows: "It's a fabrication; there's no truth to it. If I had somebody to run off, I would have run off with that somebody. I would have been glad there would have been a way to escape."

6. It is hard to believe that some people would believe a man who would make such a statement. It sounds like the only reason he did not have an immoral escapade is that he had no one to go with him.

7. I am doctrinally sound and in no way endorse any doctrine that could be considered heresy. I am a Baptist by conviction and believe the historic Baptist convictions and doctrines.

8. I have been criticized by some for allowing Mr. Nischik to remain as a deacon for so many years. In the first place, I do not choose the deacons; they are elected by the people. In the second place, almost all the accusations against him surfaced after Mr. Sumner's article. To this date, people are coming to me with unbelievable accusations against Mr. Nischik. In the third place, throughall of those years I had no evidence or proof that Mr. Nischik had committed adultery. In the fourth place, I loved him wanted to salvage him.

9. I have had one woman in my life – the mother of my children.

10. 1 have never covered up sin on my staff, neither do I spend my life in a search or an investigation to find it, nor do I believe it is true just because someone said it.

11. 1 did not recommend my son David to the Miller Road Baptist Church of Garland, Texas. They contacted him apart from my knowledge and never sought my recommendation.

12. 1 had no evidence whatsoever of Dave's problems before he left First Baptist Church.

13. My goal for Dave and his goal for himself is that he can be rehabilitated and be a good soul-winning layman at the First Baptist Church. He attends the services here regularly, and he and I are good buddies, but neither he nor I feel that he will ever be on the staff here again. I do believe, however, that God can use him as a layman, and I believe God will. Please pray for him. He is our boy, and Mrs. Hyles and I love him.

14. Mrs. Hyles has been a real soldier through all of this. She has stood firmly and loyally, and I am proud of her.

15. Recently I was with Dr. Myron Guiler in Marietta, Ohio. He told me that 25 years ago he had Dr. Sumner for a revival meeting. He said it was absolutely the worst week of his life, and that even then Dr. Sumner spent much of his time criticizing me.

16. Apart from Mr. Nischik and Mr. Sumner, the most vicious attack against me has been launched by Mr. George Godfrey, and apart from Mr. Nischik and Mr. Sumner, Mr. Godfrey is perhaps the most dedicated person to my destruction.

Well, there you have it. I doubt if this letter will change many minds, if any. Everyone is probably pretty well decided. It all boils down to the word of Victor Nischik versus the word of Jack Hyles. I imagine most people will believe whom they want to believe, and I seriously doubt if this letter will have much affect on the opinions of people. My friends do not need it because they trust me. My enemies won't believe it, but somehow I had to write it. I hope this will be the last I will have to write. I think it is.

I am tired; I am wounded; I am hurt, but I will not quit.


Jack Hyles


Jack Hyles, Pastor
Zip Code 46325
(219) 932-0711

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