At Last!

A powerful tool to challenge your compromising pastor/Christian leader


It’s been a long time in the making. A monumental book being released this month marks, I believe, a whole new era in the history of the modern creation movement.

About 40 years ago, Drs. Morris and Whitcomb’s famous The Genesis Flood started the modern creation movement that eventually swept around the world. Countless missionaries, pastors, other Christian leaders and others around the world have told me that The Genesis Flood turned them back to biblical authority, igniting a ‘fire’ within them to combat evolutionary humanism and proclaim the gospel. Just as the 16th-century Reformation invoked massive opposition, so too did the creation movement, which is similarly calling the church and culture back to biblical authority and away from the fallible opinions of man.

Sadly, I believe the most intense opposition to the creation movement has come from the church (pastors, seminary and Bible college professors, etc). Because much of the church gave up the history in Genesis (including its geology, biology, astronomy, anthropology, etc.), the ‘world’ could see that the church had given up biblical authority. So society had a field day throwing out biblical morality, which comes from this authority.

The creation movement, despite its relatively small size, had much success in convincing people that Darwinian evolutionary ideas were not supported by observational science – and in showing clearly the evil fruits (increasing abortion, homosexual behavior, etc.) of abandoning biblical authority and building one’s thinking on naturalism.

While many church leaders saw ‘evolution’ as a dirty word, so to speak, most were uneasy about going against the academics of the age when it came to the world’s teaching on millions of years as the age of the earth.

Enter the seductive but very dangerous compromise position called ‘progressive creation.’ Many church leaders worldwide quickly adopted this belief, as taught by its leading proponent, Dr. Hugh Ross from Reasons to Believe in California. It seemed to allow Christians to oppose Darwin and be biblically ‘conservative,’ while allowing them to accept much of the world’s teaching concerning origins. In brief, progressive creation accepts geological and astronomical evolution and the same ‘sequence of appearance’ as biological evolution. Mixed in with the biblical text, it produces a view that teaches a local (not global) flood; soulless quasi-humans before Adam and Eve; big bang cosmology; and death, violence and disease before sin.

Dr. Ross’s major books have been published by NavPress, the publishing arm of the Navigators ministry, and his position has been adopted widely in the church across America.

I maintain that progressive creation has greatly contributed to the decline of Christianity in America, because the church itself undermined its own authority – the Word of God.

Answers in Genesis scientist and author Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, after detailed peer review from theologians and scientists worldwide, has now completed this long book Refuting Compromise. With the subtitle ‘A systematic biblical and scientific defense of the straightforward view of Genesis creation [and] a refutation of the billions-of-years views of progressive creationist Hugh Ross,’ this book, I believe, will have an impact similar to that of the famous Genesis Flood.

In the book’s Foreword, theologian Dr. Douglas Kelly (Jordan Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC), states:

“I deem Jonathan Sarfati’s Refuting Compromise to be of such pivotal importance for overcoming the present confusion on Genesis and science among many Christians who wish to expound faithfully and intelligibly the scriptural texts.

“I think what he has accomplished in this truth-packed (yet understandable) volume is to take us a long step further in supplanting the failed evolutionary/long-age paradigm by the one taught in Scripture … . His work provides some of the most convincing answers I have seen thus far.”

Because we believe progressive creation is such a dangerous compromise position, and because a part of the ministry of AiG is to confront the church on compromise (and help bring a new Reformation and restore biblical authority in the culture), AiG and our publisher have agreed to make an unprecedented offer on this new creation book.

We are selling the first large printing of this book at very heavily discounted prices to enable you to get copies into the hands of Christian leaders throughout America and around the world. This is your opportunity to powerfully challenge pastors, seminary/Bible college professors – and other Christian leaders – that may be struggling in this area or have compromised with the idea of millions of years.

Help work towards a new Reformation and bringing back biblical authority.