Dr. Robert Sumner passed away in December 2016. The Biblical Evangelist newspaper is no longer being published and the ministry of Biblical Evangelism has ceased operation.

The remaining inventory of his books and gospel tracts was transferred to The Baptist Tabernacle of Los Angeles and may be ordered here.

Off the Cuff - Part 1
Dr. Robert L. Sumner, Editor

This issue covers the time period of Christendom’s most exciting and remembered events, the crucifixion and resurrection from the tomb of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As the Apostle Paul expressed it, “Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh; and declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead” (Romans 1:3, 4, emphasis added).

Our featured sermon in this issue is a tremendous message based on that text by the late Jack MacArthur, a godly and spiritually successful messenger of the last century, known mostly for his “Voice of Calvary” broadcasts on the West Coast. It is our Resurrection Day offering (called by the religious world, Easter Sunday). It is one of the messages he graciously sent us for publication when still ministering on his broadcast.

We are also publishing a tremendous sermon by the late Cyrus I. Scofield on an important, vital doctrinal matter recently under attack by simpletons who know not whereof they speak. Your heart will be warmed by this message from the pen of the man who gave us the excellent reference Bible that bears his name.

There is also a biographical message in our Bible Study Corner by Reuben Archer Torrey. He was one of the outstanding evangelists and educators of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the successor to perhaps the greatest evangelist in American history, Dwight Lyman Moody.

It is always an honor to present a message from the pen of our dear friend, W. Wilbert Welch. In a day when some are embarrassed – or afraid – to call themselves a Fundamentalist, he is happy to be one “without apology.” We feel the same, even if some nuts are trying to steal this glorious name.

Older Christians often lament today’s lack of power and talk about the good old days. Charles Smith, Jr., calls for action, pleading with God to bring back the glory days. He tells how it can be done.

The editor and his wife were sitting at the breakfast table discussing the second coming of Christ and lamenting the fact it doesn’t seem anyone is talking about it any more – and recalling the earlier happier days when preachers were constantly telling folks to look and watch for His return. So the editor adjourned to his study, fired up his trusty (?) computer, turned on his word processor, and started writing out a message on the blessed hope. You will find it in this issue. Remember, Jesus said, “Perhaps today!”




A very prominent and influential theologian, Roger Nicole, went to Heaven just in time for Christmas on December 11. He was born a natural Swiss citizen, but it happened in Germany where his father was pastoring at the time. Nicole certainly knew, but I was never quite sure whether he was a Baptist theologian or a Reformed, since he had such a strong emphasis on Calvinism. Most of his post-death tributes came from strong Calvinists such as Timothy George, J. I. Packer, and John Piper.

However, we admired him for his strong position on biblical inerrancy and he was one of the founders of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy (he served as president in 1956). As for his Calvinistic philosophies, we were not so enthused. That he was a gifted, brilliant man, no one would deny. Nor would they question his love for the Lord.

While he penned more than 100 articles on theological themes, he authored no book. Most of his ministry (over four decades) was as a professor at Gordon-Conwell in New England. He ended his ministry at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando (FL).

Dr. Nicole was pushing the century mark (1915-2010) at the time of his death. His wife Annette (nee: Cyr), to whom he was married 61 years, preceded him. They had no children.

* * * * *

One of the key leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention’s “return to sanity," LaVerne Butler, died in mid-December at the age of 84. He was pastor of the Ninth and O Baptist Church in Louisville during those days (1969-1988) and became president of Mid-Continent University in 1988 (serving until 1997). He was 84.

His sermon calling for a return to biblical orthodoxy, "Will the Real Southern Baptist Please Stand Up," was preached throughout SBC circles to hundreds of audiences. Judge Paul Pressler, another key leader in that battle, called Butler one of the "heroes of the resurgence." In his book A Hill On Which To Die he said the pastor "conducted a soul-winning evangelistic ministry that was well-known and respected, not only in Kentucky, but also in Illinois, Indiana, and throughout the SBC."

His son, David Butler, who now pastors in New Hampshire, said, "The theme for his life, and I think this captures him more than anything else, is out of Ephesians 4:15: Speaking the truth in love," calling it “the caption that goes across Dad’s life … He was synonymous with taking a stand, but always speaking the truth in love. That is the big headline of his life."

As for Mid-Continent, according to a release from the school, he “helped the university achieve accreditation in 1992 for the first time and in 1994 helped expand the curriculum. Plans are underway to build a new 500-seat chapel and name it the LaVerne Butler Memorial Chapel."

His memorial was conducted at the Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington and burial was at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville.




Here is our Lord’s version, with His application, of the Old Testament story: “But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas: For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth” (Matthew 12:39, 40).

Now, boys and girls, let me give you the “true” understanding of this passage, as modern scholars interpret it. Late on Friday afternoon, because of the terrible storm about to sink the boat traveling from Joppa to Tarshish, the sailors picked up a passenger named Jonah and, because he admitted the storm was his fault due to disobedience to Almighty God, threw him overboard. Instead of drowning, God had a great fish prepared that immediately swallowed him. He was in the belly of that fish from late Friday until slightly after sunset Saturday night (which was the start of the first day of the week according to Jewish reckoning of time). So he was in the belly of that fish, a little over twenty-four hours. That was the “three days and three nights.”

Would you buy that interpretation?

But, wait! Let the ‘scholars’ explain it to you. According to them, any part of a day was considered a day by the ancients. Therefore, the last bit of Friday afternoon was one day, from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday was another day (making two days), and the early part of after sunset on Saturday was the third day. Ipso facto, we have three days and three nights.

Again I ask, would you buy that interpretation?

I wouldn’t! And that is exactly why I repudiate the Roman Catholic understanding of a Friday crucifixion. When I first got saved I almost went bananas trying to get Jesus into the heart of the earth by sunset on Friday and out again before sunrise on Sunday morning, especially since He didn’t even die until sometime after three p.m. on Friday. How was that, I mused, three days and three nights?

Then the “scholars” explained it to me: According to them, any part of a day was considered a day by the ancients. Therefore, the last bit of Friday afternoon was one day, from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday was another day (making two days), and the early part of after sunset on Saturday was the third day. Ipso facto, we have three days and three nights (see Jonah above who had the same experience).

I don’t buy it for Jonah and I don’t buy it for our Lord (both would have had to have had the same timeframe according to the word of Christ). We have often marveled that men could accept that Jonah was 72 hours in the belly of the great fish, but not that Jesus was 72 hours in the heart of the earth.

Let me give you a timeframe that will fit both Jonah and Jesus: in the grave at sunset on Wednesday, meaning from then until sunset Thursday night (day one), from sunset Thursday night until sunset Friday night (day two), and from sunset Friday night until sunset Saturday night (day three). After three days and three nights the great fish vomited Jonah out on to dry ground and, more importantly, after three days and three nights – at sunset on Saturday or very shortly after, which was the first day of the week – up from the grave Christ arose!

How did the Roman Catholics – and their Protestant successors – make their theory fit the Holy Week activities? By inventing “silent” (missing) days for the week where no activities for our Lord are mentioned in Scripture. But how much better – and in accord with Scripture itself – to assume those silent days never happened? Isn’t it more logical to assume the flow of Scripture for Holy Week is exactly as found in the Gospels? We think so.

Please remember that the Word of God does not say Christ would be “dead” 72 hours, but buried for that time. Also note that the Sabbath mentioned was a “special” Sabbath, not the weekly one (John 19:31). Some have argued that since the next day was a Sabbath it had to be a Friday crucifixion. Not so!

To make Friday crucifixion work, its backers must get Jesus in the tomb before sunset on the day He died in order to count the last hour or so of Friday as Day One in the grave. It was the ninth hour when Jesus made His famous cry to the Father, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46). The ninth hour was the equivalent of our three p.m. Since that was the fourth (middle) of the seven cries from the cross – with three remaining – we recognize the shortness of time for the Friday theory.

What remained to take place beside the three cries from the cross? His actual death; getting Him down from the cross after the Roman soldiers had pierced His side to prove death; Joseph of Arimathaea going to Pilate (getting an audience would take time and then Pilate had to get assurance from the soldiers at the crucifixion site that Jesus was dead) and making arrangements for taking the body to his own tomb; the body had to be washed in water; Joseph had to go and purchase a 100-pound mixture of myrrh and aloes; then His body must be wound with the spices in linen clothes; His head must be wrapped separately with a napkin; He must be tenderly carried from the crucifixion site to the tomb in the Garden; and His body must be positioned on the slab. Unfortunately, there were no cell phones whereby Joseph could contact Pilate and Pilate could contact the soldiers at the crucifixion scene. It all had to be done in person or by couriers.

Dr. Rueben Archer Torrey (1856-1928) was one of the top scholars of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A graduate of both Yale University (where he was converted) and the Yale Divinity School in its evangelical days, he also studied abroad. He described the Friday crucifixion theory as “a makeshift, and a very weak makeshift” at that. Torrey dealt with the issue in his Moody Colportage Library book, Difficulties and Alleged Errors and Contradictions in the Bible, chapter 21, “Was Jesus Really Three Days and Three Nights in the Heart of the Earth?”

I am not going to repeat his chapter, but here is part of his conclusion: “To sum it all up, JESUS DIED ABOUT SUNSET ON WEDNESDAY. Seventy-two hours later, exactly three days and three nights, at the beginning of the first day of the week (Saturday at sunset), He arose again from the grave. When the women visited the tomb just before dawn next morning, they found the grave already empty. So we are not driven to any such makeshift as that any small portion of a day is reckoned as a whole day and night, but we find that the statement of Jesus was literally true.”

Other evangelical giants who taught a Wednesday crucifixion:

A former late friend of the editor, Dr. Bolton Davidheiser (Ph.D. in Zoology; author of Science and the Bible, editor for many years, News & Notes of Interest to Christians). In a seasonal issue of the latter he referenced “an old magazine” (which he did not name) that listed the days of the week on which the Passover was observed, starting with AD 20 and going through AD 35, with corresponding BC dates. The one he highlighted for the Passover at the time of the crucifixion was on Thursday. Since the Passover was “the next day,” it means the crucifixion itself was on Wednesday when our Lord was 33. The nearest Friday crucifixion on the chart would have been when the Lord was 39 (we know of no one claiming He was that old at the time Pilate had Him put to death).

Dr. Dale Crowley, Jr., was a dynamic preacher – he, as a student, had led in the fight against evolution at Baylor University (costing him his degree via expulsion days before graduation) – and he preached daily to many of our national leaders in Washington on his “The King’s Business Radio Program” (he held P. O. Box One in Washington, D.C.) and his most popular broadcast was probably “Right Start for the Day” which he launched six months before Pearl Harbor on June 9, 1941. One of the entries in his “Your Enemy Because I Tell You the Truth?” series was “The Wednesday Crucifixion and Burial of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” He gave his reasons for so believing it was Wednesday.

The late Dr. John R. Rice, founder and editor of The Sword of the Lord until his death and the author of over 260 books and booklets with a circulation of over 61 million during his lifetime, in his commentary of Matthew, King of the Jews, pages 286-288, deals very thoroughly with this Roman Catholic tradition of a Friday crucifixion and shows the necessity of a Wednesday crucifixion.

In his Dr. Rice, Here is my Question…he dealt with this one: “When Was Jesus Crucified?” His whole answer, a good one, involves over two full pages, so here is his opening paragraph as a synopsis: “I believe that Jesus was not crucified on Friday, but on Wednesday. Preachers have usually accepted the Roman Catholic teaching that He was crucified on Friday and have never investigated what the Bible teaches on that subject. All Bible evidence proves that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday, buried that night, and arose from the dead some time Saturday night, before sunrise Sunday morning. Remember that the Jewish day began at sundown and the night was counted a part of the following day.”

Dr. Henry Grube of Mobile (AL), while of a different denominational view than the editor, was obviously a good man since at one of the Bob Jones University Bible conferences at which I spoke, he was also a speaker. The Joneses didn’t invite bad guys to their annual conferences. Just giving his summary: “The conclusion that must be reached is this: The Lord Jesus was crucified about 9:00 o’clock in the morning of Wednesday, the 14th of Nisan (April 5th). He died about 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon and was buried at sunset. He was in the grave Wednesday night and all day Thursday; Thursday night and all day Friday; Friday night and all day Saturday. Then at sunset on Saturday (the end of the Jewish Sabbath and the beginning of the first day of the week), He came out of the grave.”

Believe it or not, the strongly Calvinistic, amillennialist Loraine Boettner also argued, on the basis of Jonah, for a Wednesday crucifixion. His summary: “Thus the testimony is so clear and emphatic and repeated that it is hard to see how it can mean anything other than that Christ was in the grave three 24-hour days and nights, which means that He arose at the end of the Jewish Sabbath, that is, after sunset Saturday evening … Christ Himself said that He would be in the grave THREE DAYS and THREE NIGHTS. And you cannot get three days and three nights between sundown Friday evening and dawn Sunday morning” (Boettner’s emphasis).

Doesn’t it seem strange to you – as it does to me – that evangelicals who insist so strongly on a literal interpretation of Scripture (where the sense of Scripture makes sense, seek no other sense) would refuse to take literally the statement “three days and three nights”?

Having said all of the above, let me make it clear that I do not consider a Wednesday crucifixion a test of fellowship. I believe it. I can’t see anything else. A lot of good men think the Roman Catholic conclusion of Friday is correct (some others hold to a Thursday crucifixion). The important thing is that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again (I Corinthians 15:1-4). We are positive of that.




The “Dove” winning singer/musician Joel Hemphill is still working hard trying to bring down the Trinity (as per chapter 11 of our book, Fights I Didn’t Start … and some I did). He hates the biblical teaching that Jesus Christ is God; that the Holy Spirit is a Person (and God) instead of just an impersonal influence; along with other biblical themes. Strangely, for years he worshipped Jesus as the only God (not the Father or the Holy Spirit), but now he has “new light” and claims (with a straight face) to worship only the Father (not the Son or the Holy Spirit).

In his latest diatribe in the form of a new book, Glory to God in the Highest, this bold enemy of the God of the Bible declares, "For some 1700 years, since the Council of Nicea, Christianity has followed Plato in his demon-inspired beliefs that ‘God’ exists in three persons ..." Imagine that! Calling the doctrine of the Trinity a “demon-inspired” belief! And he is a lifetime (unremovable) member of the “Gospel” Music Hall of Fame. Incredible!

Recently Joel has, apparently, come up with an offer of $10,000 for one verse disproving his main thesis. In a letter to someone else, a Christian lady had written a kindly warning to one individual (her e-mail had not even been addressed to Hemphill), saying, “I read your remarks concerning Jerry Bennett on Southern Gospel News. Please do not take this wrong, but as a Bible-believing Christian, I want to warn you about Jerry's anti-deity of Christ, anti-Trinitarian teachings.” She pointed out Bennett’s association with Hemphill (his web proudly states: “Jerry's latest recording project was a tribute project to The Hemphills which is where his current singles are coming from”) and Joel’s “attacks denouncing our Lord Jesus’ deity,” noting “he pokes fun at the Holy Trinity,” and otherwise opposes “the cardinal teachings of the historic Christian church.”

She further noted Bennett’s “doctrinal statement is also very clear of his unorthodox teachings,” using the “standard phraseology of those who deny the Deity of Christ and the Holy Trinity,” and adding, “I have a friend who talked to Jerry, and Jerry informed him the reason he left the Assembly of God church, is that they could not answer his questions about Jesus. I find it interesting that Jerry will perform concerts in Assembly of God Churches.” Yes, both Bennett and Hemphill are willing – yea, eager – to go into heretical churches (in their view, based on their beliefs about the Trinity) to rake in big bucks through record/book sales and love offerings! Obviously, something is rotten in Denmark. It is taking money under false pretenses.

The individual to whom the lady wrote sent her letter on to Bennett, who in turn passed it on to Hemphill. While Bennett did not respond, Joel did.

He wrote her:

I read your email attacking Jerry Bennett and me, and the nicest way I can say this is, you don't know what you are talking about! In your trinitarian view of God, you might think you are following our savior Jesus Christ, but in reality you are following a homosexual Greek by the name of Plato. You or any ten preachers that you know cannot refute that statement. Jesus was not a Trinitarian and I am offering a $10,000.00 reward for one Bible verse that shows Jesus teaching that the One True God is three persons. There are 31,000 verses in the Bible and not one of them mentions the "deity of Christ." He is the virgin-born, human Son of God!

So Ann,[1] you need to either "put up or shut up." You might even "wake up!"

Christian Regards

Joel Hemphill

While we do not know whether he has publicly made such an offer, it would appear from his e-mail that he has or shortly will. As for the letter itself, I would call it ignorance personified, not the least of which was his reference to Plato and his absurdity that a human Jesus could be a savior! 

Old Joel says: “There are 31,000 verses in the Bible and not one of them mentions the ‘deity of Christ.’” Actually, in the King James Version for example, there are 31,173 verses (23,214, O.T.; 7,959, N.T.) but we wouldn’t expect him to know that since he is in no way a Bible scholar.

As for his inane $10,000.00 reward offer, most of these challenges are silly and meaningless, made by any number of con artists on any number of subjects.

And regarding his statement that “not one of them (the ‘31,000 verses in the Bible’) mentions the ‘deity of Christ’,” he should know that the word “deity” is not found anywhere in the KJV – not referring to Jesus, the Holy Spirit or the Father! His $10,000 offer is a joke! But if he is willing to make his offer on the NIV or the NRSV (the only other versions I took time to check), Mr. Hemphill can make his check out to our nonprofit organization, Biblical Evangelism, and send it to the address at the top of page one of this and every issue. He can take his choice of either version, the New International Version or the New Revised Standard Version (and if he doesn’t accept either one, I am confident I won’t have trouble getting the same from another version):

Colossians 2:9, NIV, “For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form.”

Colossians 2:9, NRSV, “For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily.”

I have added emphasis to both to make it clear to Mr. Hemphill, who apparently has trouble understanding plain English.

Will Joel send us a check? Of course not! He is not serious. He, like most others who make such offers, does it for publicity purposes and/or to fool the uneducated.

And, of course, he can fall back on the fact he said “one Bible verse that shows Jesus teaching that the One True God is three persons,” limiting it primarily to the four Gospels. Doesn’t he believe the rest of the Bible is inspired? Or doesn’t he want to bring Paul and the other inspired writers into the equation? In that case, we quote Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20: “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen” (emphasis added).

Note what I have given emphasis above. Jesus said “in the name” of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As many others have pointed out before me throughout the last 20 centuries, “name” is singular, not plural. It is one name. The Greek word is onoma and is used frequently in the Septuagint and papyri – the Greek authority A. T. Robertson tells us – for power and authority. It is triune power and authority: all authority (pāsa exousia). The power and authority of a Trinity!

Does Hemphill really think the fact of putting the Son and the Spirit equally in “the name” with the Father could be possible if they are not co-equal? It would be blasphemy, totally impossible. Thank God, the Three are co-equal and always have been. See the cartoon on this page showing how ridiculous all anti-Trinitarians are.

But if he really wants to face Scripture, in my above mentioned Fight book I gave him well over 50 passages proving the deity of Christ just on the basis of His identification with Old Testament statements about Jehovah. He didn’t try to answer even one before the book was printed. The book has been published nearly two years and he still hasn’t tried to answer a single verse. So we don’t think Mr. Hemphill is all that serious about learning Truth. He just likes to sound impressive and scare little old ladies!

There is one verse that Joel loves to use – in almost every letter, e-mail or article – and that is Deuteronomy 6:4. It says, “Hear, O Israel: The LORD [Yahweh] our God [Elohim] is one LORD [Yahweh].” We are still waiting for Mr. Hemphill to explain how a plural name for God like Elohim could be used in the middle of a simple statement insisting God is One? We are still waiting for him to enlighten the people of the ages about this truth which has confounded and even confused Jews and other monotheistic people. To the Trinitarian it is as simple as A B C, but to nontrinitarians like Joel and Jerry there is no answer!



(Or Is It?)


We have mentioned the infidelity of noted ‘religious’ musician Joel Hemphill many times, lamenting the way he drags our Lord’s Name and Character into the gutter by denying the Trinity and ridiculing the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is, in biblical terminology, a full-blown apostate.

The Gospel Music Fan Club featured him recently and one concerned Christian wrote them: “I noticed on Gospel Music Fan Club under Artists you have an entry for the Hemphills. While reading this I noticed this statement, ‘Joel's book To God Be The Glory, a biblical study of the person of God, is also published by Trumpet Call Books.’

“As a Bible-believing Christian who proclaims the deity of Christ, and the Holy Trinity, I am requesting that you put a DISCLAIMER warning those of Joel Hemphill's denial and attacks on these two cardinal teachings of the historic Christian church, in his book To God Be The Glory.”

Instead of being grateful for the information someone named Wayne responded: “Thank you for your interest in the Gospel Music Fan Club. I have not read Joel’s book and we don’t endorse it either. We are all about the music. We won’t be putting a disclaimer on the article, however please feel free to make your own comment on the article.”

That makes us “free” to make our comment, too, I assume. Here it is: how in the world can anyone – or any group – call themselves “gospel” and promote deity-denying, God-denying, Bible-denying infidels like Joel Hemphill and his ilk?

It is a shame and disgrace to everything that is holy, pure, kind, lovely and of a good report. Is being able to carry a tune all there is to it for the Gospel Music Fan Club?

And notice what this organization with “gospel” in its name admits: “it is all about the music!” You would think such an organization would boast “it’s all about God, Christ, the Holy Scripture and the truths found therein.”

Our advice to the GMFC: take the word “gospel” out of your name if you are merely “all about the music!”




Here are some of our random thoughts on this shameful action . . .

Wishful Thinking! That’s what we call the charges on the left that Palin, Limbaugh and other talk show hosts were somehow responsible for the tragic shooting by Jared Loughner of Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords, even though this nonvoter apparently had no interest whatsoever in politics, left or right.

Several prominent people have since banned their employees from speaking on talk shows. The governor of Rhode Island (Lincoln D. Chafee), Al Sharpton, Mark Lloyd and Jim Clyburn are among the number. Why? Are they afraid they will start another shooting – or spill some beans?

Speaking of killer rhetoric, President Obama had this to say about facing Republican adversaries: "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." And he went on to call Republicans "hostage takers." And how about this by V-P Joe Biden: "If I hear one more Republican tell me about balancing the budget, I am going to strangle them." Do we think this caused any Democrat to go out and kill Republicans? Of course not! (Although Joe’s bad grammar might make an English professor want to strangle him!)

Or how about Democrat Congressman Paul Kanjorski, who said about Rick Scott when he was a gubernatorial candidate: "They ought to hang him and shoot him. Put him against the wall and shoot him." MSNBC’s Chris Matthews got into the act, too: "I have to tell you, Rush Limbaugh is looking more and more like Mr. Big, and at some point somebody's going to jam a CO2 pellet into his head and he's going to explode like a giant blimp." Now that kind of rhetoric might do damage!

The father of little 9-year-old Christina Green (bystander/victim in Tucson), John Green, said it eloquently: "This shouldn't happen in this country or anywhere else, but in a free society, we're going to be subject to people like this. I prefer this to the alternative.”

Instead of blaming talk radio, why not blame Hollywood? According to one of the shooter’s closest friends (he didn’t have many), Zach Osler, Jared spent a lot of time watching conspiracy-theory movies with Zach and his younger brother, George.

Or why not blame the influence of Coors beer? The elder Osler said every time he saw Mrs. Loughner at the supermarket she had at least one 30-pack of beer in her cart.

The mother was a government employee making $25.70 an hour which, based on a 40-hour week, would bring in over $1,000 weekly. They weren’t exactly a poverty-stricken family, unless, that is, they spent it all on booze. That brings anyone to poverty.

The killer (we are not politically correct and have no qualms about labeling him such; scores of eyewitness have testified) was an atheist, listed the Communist Manifesto and Hitler's Mein Kampf as among his favorite books, thought George W. Bush was behind 9/11, and believed the Mars rover landing was a Hollywood production. In short, his elevator didn’t go all the way to the top.

Pajamas Media editor Richard Pollock, referring to the shooting and noting the fact the gun lobby immediately tried to make hay from the tragedy, had a good comparison between Tucson and Washington, DC, both about the same in population: “According to Tucson Police Department records, by December 2010, the city – which is located 60 miles north of the Mexican border – experienced 51 murders by the use of guns. Washington police records, meanwhile, recorded 131 homicides in 2010, nearly three times the Tucson rate ... My wish is that the gun control lobby, which continues to exploit terrible tragedies for political gain, will concede defeat in the real world and remain silent during national sorrow."

Actually, Arizona’s gun laws are ‘loose as a goose’ because the feds refuse to adequately protect its borders and most of the citizens feel they must have guns for their own protection. The state, understandably, allows them to do so.

The sheriff of Pima County, Clarence Dupnik, made a fool of himself in the aftermath of the tragedy with wild, senseless charges. He’ll be up for reelection soon and if the citizens of his county don’t vote him out they could easily be charged with dereliction of patriotic duty.

Subsequent investigation has made it pretty clear young Jared had been making death threats, mostly by phone, but if Sheriff Dupnik was aware of them and did nothing, all of us know where the real fault lies.

On the lighter side, from columnist Ross Kaminsky: "Don't forget, the people who conclude that the actions of a lunatic prove that the Tea Party inspires violence are the same people who conclude that record cold winters are proof of global warming.”

The official memorial service after the Tucson tragedy was notable for how it left out God and His comfort. The only religious part of the event was when a member of the Pascua Yaqui Indian tribe mentioned "Father Sky, where we get our masculine energy" and "Mother Earth, where we get our feminine energy.” It was pitiful.

It might be good to remember here what Ronald Reagan once said: "We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions."

[1] Not her real name