Five Reminders for the Christian
Attorney Voyle Glover


We’ve seen our “Supreme” Court turn marriage on its head recently, leaving us – and even some of the ungodly nations – dumbfounded. We know, deep inside, it is likely to get worse. Justice Scalia, one of the more conservative justices on the Court, recently said he would not be surprised if the Supreme Court found that the death penalty was “unconstitutional.” He revealed that four of his colleagues on the Court believe that the death penalty is unconstitutional. While he is for the death penalty and does not find it to be unconstitutional, he is also very aware that all it will take is another appointment by a liberal President (the kind a Hillary Clinton would appoint, for instance) to once more, overturn centuries of established law.

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IMMEDIATE NEED: PAGER for the print edition

Due to conflicts with other ministries our pager is unable to continue. The paging has been done on a volunteer basis. We need someone else to take over this part of the process.  We have tried privately and come up short! Now we make a public appeal.

There are, surely, many good men (perhaps women – we are equal opportunity!) who take this paper and are computer geeks (experts, in other words – a knowledge of Adobe InDesign would be helpful) that could do what he has been doing. In short, fully able to layout (i.e.,page) the paper each issue (currently a mere four times a year – not a real demanding job) and who would be willing to donate their work as a labor to the Lord.

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